• DO YOU TRAVEL TO ME? Yes, the MUA provided by Sara Duffy Makeup (SDMU), will travel to you, whether that be your home or hotel location. We travel up to 2hrs the morning of a wedding (subject to ceremony time). Any more than that, the client will be required to provide an overnight accommodation the night before the wedding.   


  • DO I NEED A MAKEUP TRIAL? A bridal makeup trial is not required but highly recommended where possible. It is helpful for us to see your skin and discuss your skincare routine, in case any advice needs to be given. It also helps to recommend products for touch ups throughout the day of the wedding. Trials are exclusive to brides only and are not offered to bridal party/family members.  

  • WHEN SHOULD I DO MY MAKEUP TRIAL?  Ideally trials are done 2-4 months before the wedding as you will have decided on your wedding dress and style for the wedding which will help with the trial. We will have a chat about your desired look and how we can create it. However, I appreciate it isn’t always possible for us to have the same availability, so whenever we can get a date in the diary that suits both of us. Bridal trials are exclusive to SDMU brides, and your wedding date must be reserved prior to having a trial. Try and plan an occasion for after the trial so you can wear the makeup for as long as possible and see if you’d like to make any changes. All trials take place in Knocknacarra, Galway.   

  • WHAT SHOULD I DO TO PREP THE SKIN FOR MY WEDDING?  As soon as you know your wedding date, we would advise getting a skincare routine in place. For wedding day prep, we recommend doing a hydrating face mask the night before the wedding, do your usual skincare routine the morning of the wedding and definitely don’t use a facial oil or exfoliate the morning of the wedding. We send out a Beauty Checklist after the trial is done which will help you plan when you need to get all your beauty treatments in the run up to the wedding.  

  • WHAT DO I BRING TO MY MAKEUP TRIAL?  We ask that you come along to the trial with the following: 
    – Arrive fresh faced with your usual skincare applied.  
    – Try to wear white or cream to see how the colours bounce off and compliment your skin tone.  
    – Bring along images of makeup you like.  
    – If you have any makeup that you would really like to use for the trial, please bring that along with you.  
    – Have your hair in a similar style to what you are hoping to have for your wedding  
    – If you are considering wearing tan on your wedding day then it is useful to have this tan done for the makeup trial  


  • HOW LONG WILL MY MAKEUP TRIAL TAKE?  The appointment will last around 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

  • WHAT MAKEUP DO I NEED TO HAVE ON THE WEDDING DAY?  We advise our brides to have their lipstick/lip gloss of choice as well as a pressed powder and brush with them on the wedding day for touch ups. 

  • HOW LONG WILL THE MUA BE THERE THE MORNING OF MY WEDDING?  As we only book one wedding per day, we are exclusively yours on your wedding date. We allow a minimum of 45 minutes per person with 30 minutes for touch ups once everyone in the bridal party is dressed. Following the bridal trial, you will be sent a timeline for the morning of the wedding. 

  • CAN MY BRIDESMAIDS / MOTHERS HAVE A MAKEUP TRIAL?  Trials are exclusive to brides only and are not offered to bridal party/family members.  

  • DO YOU HAVE A MINIMUM REQUIREMENT FOR THE NUMBER OF FACES FOR BRIDAL MAKEUP?  All wedding bookings must meet the service minimum of the bride + 3.  

  • DO YOU CATER FOR LARGE BRIDAL PARTIES?  Due to SDMU being a team with a number of MUA’s, we can offer bridal makeup for large bridal parties and groups  


WHAT DO YOU NEED THE MORNING OF THE WEDDING? In order for your MUA to work effectively, please provide a safe and adequate working
environment. The location must include: 

  • Natural lighting 

  • Power outlet 

  • Table / Bench / window sill for makeup and brushes 






  • DO YOU COME TO ME?  We are fully mobile for tan appointments, so we travel to you either in your home or chosen location. We provide a pop-up tanning tent, plenty of towels to protect the flooring and just require a room large enough to erect the tent. We have provided tans in many an interesting room, such as kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms, offices and even garages. 

  • DO I NEED A BRIDAL TAN TRIAL?  We would always advise having a trial for your tan. Your hen party is always a good way to trial out the tan. Ideally the tan trial should be done no closer than a month before the wedding. 

  • WHEN SHOULD I BOOK MY TAN FOR MY WEDDING?  Once you have your wedding date, it’s best to get your tan appointment booked in.   

  • HOW MANY DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING SHOULD I GET THE TAN?  We always advise clients to tan two days before the wedding or event. This enables the tan to develop a little and settle into the skin properly. You want the tan to look part of you. This applies for all our different tan solutions.  

  • HOW DO I PREP FOR THE TAN?  Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! By doing this you will ensure the skin is well prepped and therefore making your tan look more alive and not so flat. Exfoliation should be done 12-24 hours before you tan, and all hair removal should be done 24 hours before. Please ensure you don’t have any moisturiser or deodorant on the body at the time of your appointment. 

  • WHAT TAN DO YOU USE?  We use the multi-award winning Sienna-X Professional Spray Tan solutions. They use natural ingredients in the solution which are expertly blended into a unique moisturising formulation, resulting in a lovely, natural bronzed tan. As we offer a range of tanning solutions, we are able to provide a sunless tan suited to your skin type.   

  • WHEN DO YOU DO TAN APPOINTMENTS?  We offer tan appointments from 8am – 9pm in the evening, 7 days a week. Sunday bookings require a minimum of 2 tans per appointment.  

  • DO I TAN MY FACE?  Everyone has a different opinion on this. We would always recommend tanning the face as well as the body as this helps create an overall seamless tan. It is much easier to match your makeup when the face and body match. However, the skin on our faces is typically more sensitive and prone to breakouts, so using a self-tan that is made for the body may lead to irritation and clogged pores. If this is the case, you should try the Sienna X Self Concentrated Tan Drops (link to shop) or the Gradual Rose Water Self Tan Mist (link to shop). If waxing the face, we advise doing this at least 24 hours prior to tanning to ensure the skin has had time to calm down. Don’t use any acid-based products straight after tanning as these will lift the DHA off the skin. Also, never use retinol in conjunction with self-tan.  

  • WHEN SHOULD I TINT MY BROWS IF I’M HAVING A TAN Tint your brows at least 48 hours before you tan your face. The pores may be open after the waxing and this can cause a break out if you apply tan onto the skin straight away.